Dave was a close friend to many, a great husband, a loving father, and a well respected co-worker.  He was my friend of many years.  We grew up together, watched our families blossom together, had each others back when things didn’t always go so well.  Like when we packed Dave and Anita for their adventure to New Jersey.

He was taken away from us at an unfathomable age of 54.  The loss shook many of us to our roots.  It did not break the spirit of his family.  They stomped the dust of their sandals, stood tall and said how can we prevent this from happening to someone else.  That was how the Slice of Lime was founded.  It is the reason why all of you are here today!

Cancer sucks.  We all live in fear that cancer may take us or someone we love. Cancer will continue to suck until we find a way to stop it.  Stopping cancer can be done, in fact it is being done as we sit here today.  We are not stopping it fast enough however.  You and I have the power to speed things up.  That is Slice of Lime Foundation’s goal.  To speed the cure for blood cancer and to help comfort  those affected by it today.  We have a goal to raise $25,000 by 2016 to help fund City of Hope’s Cancer efforts in Simi Valley.

To help contribute to that goal I am going to raise $2,500 by seeking pledges while walking 54 miles by September of 2106 in the Sierra high country.  Not all at once like the girl in “Wild” but on multiple hikes as I have a day job and hate blisters!  Those of you that know me know I am a “big” boy.  So hauling all that dead wait around above 8,500 feet is not an easy task.  I am willing because it is for a good cause and it is very, very beautiful country.  What I am asking you is to recognize my effort by pledging to Slice of Lime so they can make their goal of $25,000.

What is in it for you you ask?  First, as they say in the Princess Bride “It is for true love and and you cannot ask for a more noble cause than that.”  Second, as some of you know I am a bit of a nature photographer.  You might have seen my work at the Silent Auction today.  I take my camera everywhere.  I will take if for the entire 54 miles.  Those who pledge $25 dollars or more I will provide an 8×10 of any picture from the hike.  $60 will get you a 12×18.  For the largest donation greater than $250 I will provide a 24×36 metal print of any picture from the hike.  I will publish a blog that details the hikes and post images as I go.

One hundred percent of the donations will go Slice of Lime’s $25,000 goal.  I will cover all the costs for the hikes and the pledge prizes.  So are you with me?   Let’s not let the loss of Dave be for no reason.  He was a good man and deserves better.

If you cannot donate today I understand.  I will ask you to look for the 54 for Dave blog on my website bob-kent-photography.com to see my progress and the way to donate over the coming months. There will be a link to the Slice of Lime’s donation page.  Make sure you put in the comment “54 for Dave”.  All tax deductible of course!

I thank you for hearing me out and for your support.

Bob Kent